Try It

Free Sample Session

1 thirty minute session.

Coaching is all about a relationship and conversation. The best way to discover whether coaching with me is right for you is to try it out with a free Sample Session. In thirty minutes, we will have a conversation that gives you a little taste of coaching. We’ll also discover our relational dynamic and see the potential for your transformation. 

Six Session Package

6 forty-five minute sessions.

Coaching conversations provide insight into the areas of resistance that hold us back. A great way to enter that kind of conversation and to uncover those mysteries in your life is with a six session package. In six sessions, we will work together to explore the areas of resistance that hold you back and gain early insight to support your personal journey forward.

Twelve Session Package

12 forty-five minute sessions.

Coaching is a unique and powerful relationship that inspires transformation. You can choose to intentionally enter this kind of relationship with a twelve session package. In twelve sessions, we will build a powerful partnership that is focused on your transformation, we will explore tools that will create a foundation for change, and we will begin to bridge the gap between your dreams and your reality.

Twenty-four Session Package

24 forty-five minute sessions.

Coaching is a partnership that focuses on the wholeness of the human journey. You can choose to enter this kind of transformative partnership with me in a 24 session package. In twenty four sessions, we will deep dive into your current state, gain significant insight into the dynamics at play, dream and imagine what your ideal future could be, provide tools for practical forward action, and help you transition all that goodness into reality.

Custom Package

Customize a package for your team or event.

Coaching is often a complex relationship, especially when it involves partnerships, teams, and events. You can choose to customize a session package based on your specific needs. In a customized package, we will navigate the extent of the work that you are looking to do and personalize the way we approach our work together.