Spiritual Direction

You may have stumbled onto this page and be asking yourself, “What is spiritual direction?” That is a great question and I’m so glad you asked! I’m sure that’s only the first of several questions you might have about this topic. In the following section, I have attempted to answer some of those questions, but please feel free to ask more if you have them.

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is about developing good conversations, conversations that matter to God. Our current culture often limits itself to shallow conversations in order to avoid a full exploration into our souls. Spiritual direction opens the door for conversation about the inner workings of our soul and relationship with God. It is an intentional relationship that invites you to become curious, observant, and responsive to God’s activity in the middle of the noise and distractions of life.

Why are you a spiritual director?

I have invested my adult life in pastoral counseling and leadership, church planting, and non-profit work out of a pure desire to leave the world better than I found it. It has been exciting, challenging, and adventurous work! The middle of my life arrived with an invitation to consider where God might be asking me to take new risks, dream new dreams, learn new things, and serve in new ways.

Spiritual direction has encouraged a fresh adventure in which I have to be fully dependent on the supernatural movement of God in the transformation of my own soul first. Beyond that, it presents opportunities to have conversations that matter and purposeful relationships that encourage healthy and passionate relating to God and others.

What does a spiritual director do?

A spiritual director follows God’s guidance with discernment, curiosity, and exploration through conversations that promote spiritual development. A spiritual director does not guide you to some particular outcome, find solutions to your problems, or direct your path. A spiritual director engages discerning conversation as you explore questions about God, navigate life and relationships, and discover your purpose and passion.

As a spiritual director, I engage discerning conversations as you explore questions about your spiritual life, God, relationships, and discover your purpose and passion. I practice the art of providing a relationship that engages the mystery of the human soul. I have a sacred curiosity about your spirit and it’s journey through humanity.  My primary focus will be centered around your unfolding spiritual journey.

Who can benefit from spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is for anyone looking to explore questions about spirituality, their own personal journey, or develop a deeper connection with God. For some, that desire is a consistent drive that is foundational to every season of life. For others, specific seasons, transitions, and circumstances may increase that desire throughout their life. Spiritual direction can be for those experiencing relational tensions, life transitions, complex decisions and are looking to discover the spiritual dynamics beneath each situation. It has been stated:

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

Spiritual direction is for the individual looking to develop a closer intimacy with God. It is also highly beneficial for Pastors, church staff and leadership, public servants, and non-profit leaders whose profession of serving can often leave them spiritually bankrupt. It can be beneficial for business leaders, teachers, medical professionals, parents, entrepreneurs, and others looking to explore the human journey as a spiritual being. Spiritual direction is for those brave souls desiring to grow from the inside out.

Do you have any kind of special training?

I have been in a journeying relationship with God for over 20 years. In that time, we have had our ups and downs. We’ve had our times of intimacy and isolation, of joy and sorrow, of building up and breaking down, and of learning and teaching. He is the only source of power and energy that I find meaning and purpose for my life.

I have a degree in Human Behavior and am a Certified Spiritual Director. I have spent 20+ years in pastoral counseling, leadership, and ministry working directly with people from all walks of life, faith, and circumstance.

What if I don’t believe in God or follow Christ?

I was not raised in the church or with faith and had to travel my own long and winding road of seeking, asking questions, coming to understand God, and discovering who He is and how He works. I love to journey with all people, regardless of their spirituality, faith, belief, religious background, skepticism, or doubt. There is no greater adventure than the one into the depths of your own soul and I would be honored to travel there with you!

How do I meet with you?

I provide  appointments by phone, Skype, or Google video chat. You are free to choose one based on your situation and preference.

What if I’m still not sure?

I offer a complimentary sample session you can schedule to determine if spiritual direction is right for you.