Co-Active Coaching

You may be asking yourself, “What is Co-Active Coaching?” That is a great question and I’m so glad you asked! The concept of coaching, life coaching, and leadership coaching is wide and varied these days. Coaching, in general, is a fairly new profession and has many misconceptions that come with its relative youth. In the following section, I have attempted to answer some of those questions, but please feel free to ask more if you have them.

What is co-active coaching

Co-Active coaching describes the foundation of a coaching relationship that invites the coach and client into a space of collaborative “being” and “doing.” It is an alliance between two fellow pilgrims pursuing transformation.

Is coaching like therapy?

Therapy is a valid addition to the life journey of many, my own included. While coaching could be a distant cousin to therapy and seems to share some traits, coaching also has some unique qualities that are distinctly different. Co-active coaching differs from therapy in a few specific ways.

  • Therapy focuses on your past and how it affects your present. Coaching focuses intensely on your present and is curious about how it will inform your future.
  • Therapy focuses on healing specific pains, traumas, and hardships. Coaching focuses on discovering your dreams, achieving your goals, and creating the life you desire.
  • Therapy focuses on you telling, understanding, and interpreting the story of your life in order to find healing. Coaching focuses on you discovering your untapped creative resources and allowing them to evoke transformation.

What do you do as a co-active coach?

The work of a Co-Active coach is as varied as each individual client. As a coach, I create a space for my clients and I to explore and discover transformation, invite dynamic and powerful conversations, and become my clients greatest champion for growth. I engage each client from the perspective of being a whole person – naturally create and resourceful – made up of heart, mind, body, and spirit and I hold a vision for my clients to be the very best versions of themselves. I invite sleeping hearts to awaken to transformative liberation so they can impact their world!

Who can benefit from co-active coaching?

People usually approach coaching because they want a better life. Their lives are usually going along just fine, but they experience a deep whisper telling them there is more. People who can benefit from coaching are people looking to be awakened to a better quality of life. They want more fulfillment, greater balance, deeper purpose, and true transformation. People approach coaching from every walk of life. Athletes, CEOs, musicians, teachers, moms and dads, doctors, empty nesters, social workers, 9-5ers, artists, civil servants, philanthropists, and the list could go on and on.

What can I expect from you as a co-active coach?

You can expect me to bring honesty, integrity, and confidentiality to serve your agenda. You can expect me to bring my sacred curiosity about your life journey. You can expect me to be your greatest champion to achieve your goals. You can expect me to bring a passionate drive to help you uncover your life purpose. You can expect my full commitment to bring everything I have to coaching you towards transformation.

What do you expect from the client?

I expect you to be fully invested in your own journey towards transformation. I expect you to be eager and open to discovery and exploration. I expect you to bring your creativity, resourcefulness, and imagination to each coaching session. I expect you to grow and transform as each week passes. I expect, in the end, you will be more fully alive, be more fulfilled, have greater balance, be a truer version of yourself, and be right on the heels of your dreams!

Do you have any kind of special training?

Yes, I do. I have been trained by the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute. I am a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC) and I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaches Federation. I am also a graduate CTI’s esteemed Leadership Program.

How do I meet with you?

I provide  appointments by phone, Skype, or Google video chat. You are free to choose one based on your situation and preference.

What if I’m still not sure?

I offer a complimentary sample session you can schedule to determine if coaching is right for you.