Hi ! I’m Lisa O’Brien

I’m so glad you stopped in for a visit. My door is always open to friends and conversations. I love to create spaces in relationship where people flourish and grow. I hope as you look around my virtual house, you’re able to make yourself comfortable, feel at home, and get what you need.

If you were sitting on my couch with me now, a cup of something warm in your hand, I would settle into a friendly conversation about normal every day things. I would tell you about my family. I would tell you that my husband and I have been married for 25 years. I might share some of the stories about how some of those years have been hilarious, some difficult, some beautiful, and a few painful. I would tell you that a quarter of a century in, he is still my best friend and the person who makes me laugh through every crazy turn of this human journey. My face would light up at the chance to tell you about the two amazing souls that I get to call my kids who are at the end of their teenage years and staring adulthood square in the eyes. I would tell you a variety of stories about how they have been my greatest teachers and taught me more about life than I will ever teach them. I wouldn’t have to tell you about my silly chihuahua or my fat cat, cause they would have already crawled up in your lap to welcome you and connect.

This is the point in the introduction where marketers, business managers, and experts want me to share my CV with you. But that feels a bit boring and no fun at all really. (If you are interested in that conversation, feel free to check out my Linked In page.) If you were still sitting with me on my couch, having had a refill of your warm mug, I would tell you about the stuff I love to do in the world that some people call work. I would tell you about how much I love traveling transformational journeys with the beautiful people who invite me to be their coach. I would share with you my passion for offering spiritual direction to the amazing pastors, leaders, and teams that boldly seek change. I would share with you my absolute love, as an extrovert, for speaking contemplative, motivational, and relational truths to people all over the world. And I would tell you about my crazy, hysterical, painful, messy, and enjoyable journey as an author.

I’m really glad you stopped in for a visit. My door is always open to you! Linger for a while, gather some inspiration, find some hope, and uncover some mysteries here in this space that we now share

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Conversations that matter

Creating collaborative spaces to explore what you are doing and who you are being as you pursue improved performance, life change and transformation.

Spiritual Direction
Scared curiosity

Opening courageous exploration to the inner workings of your soul as you become curious, observant, and responsive to the spiritual activity in your life.

Transformational communication

Delivering contemplative, motivational, and relational dialogues that help you move towards empowered freedom, invitational growth, and celebrating movement.

Contemplative musings

Sharing authentic and vulnerable ponderings from my soul that express some of the profound truths and lessons I’ve learned along my life’s journey.


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