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Unknown Adventure

Unknown Adventure

by Lisa Co-Active Coach

Posted on September 02, 2015 at 08:53 AM

I laugh when I hear people say that following God is boring! I try really hard not to laugh out loud in a way that would offend them. But on the inside, I am laughing out loud…well, you know what I mean!

One thing I have learned is that following God and being in intimate relationship with Him is anything but boring. He is a constant mystery. He seems to compel us to do things way outside our comfort zone. AND, He seems to be after every single part of us with passionate pursuit.

Living a life of faith in pursuit of a mysterious God is living an unknown adventure every day. There is no road map indicating which way to go. There is no tour guide that narrates the behind the scenes facts for us. It is a wild, untamed, and unknown adventure every day.


If I am honest, there are times I long for the boring. I sometimes wish that we could settle into a boring mundane way to our faith. But then I think again and realize…that would be so boring and not at all the life God created us for!

I started to get curious today about God’s mischievous side. He has one, you know. It exists profoundly in you and me and we are created in His image, so we can deduce that He has a mischievous side. I am certain His mischief looks a lot different from ours, no doubt.

It’s His mischievous side that fuels this unknown adventure of a life of faith in Him. I have discovered more about God’s playfulness, sense of humor, and mischief as I venture deeper onto this path of faith. He loves a good intrigue full of mystery and adventure. It might be one of my favorite things about Him!

As I get curious about that side of Him, I start to think about all the clues and hints He has scattered in our lives. Almost like He stays just ahead of us in the mystery. When we need a nudge, He throws a clue on our path so that we will know He is just up ahead.

It’s like God is always throwing bread crumbs out for us to find and to follow. I used to think I had to know everything about the final destination. I’m coming to enjoy the journey of following mysterious bread crumbs.

How does God tie together that kind of mysterious detail in our lives so beautifully? He sees us and knows us intimately. He pursues us passionately.

It overwhelms me when I think of the attention the Creator of the universe pays me. It also overwhelms me when I think of how little attention I pay Him in return. I might be the most neglectful of His children, and yet, I also know I might be one of His favorites.

It overwhelms me when I think of the grace He lavishes on us. It overwhelms me to think of the expanse of good will God continues to extend to us. Even when we fail at the tests put in front of us, cause we often do, He meets us in those moments with a gracious embrace and a second chance.

The kind of love  God offers is unfathomable and so far beyond anything I have ever experienced here in humanity. It is anything but boring. It is an unknown adventure.


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